Roman Road and Picnic Island

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A walk along the Roman Road and Picnic Island which takes you above the village with views along the estuary and mountains.
Starting place: Aberdovey main car park Starting ref: 6127 9594 Distance: 2.5 Miles miles Grade: Easy Walk time : 1.5 Hours
From the beach car-park follow the main road East through Aberdyfi towards the Railway station at Penhelig. You will pass the Yacht Club, Lifeboat Station and wharf, jetty.

Further on the right is the Literary Institute, it is worth visiting the institute to look at the notice boards to see the range of activities on offer, as well as the great views from the bay window in the reading room. The reading room also has a collection of old photographs of the village on its walls.

Turn right off the main road opposite the Penhelig Arms Hotel, then through to the Penhelig Park & gardens. The path follows the shoreline along the "Roman Road" towards "Picnic Island"; with its great views of the surrounding hills and along the estuary (The Roman Road is not passable during high tides).

For the return, retrace your steps back along the ‘Roman Road’ and take the path right about 20 metres beyond the Penhelig Arms hotel. Follow this path keeping to the left and up a set of steep steps, just beyond the steps the path opens up with good views over the village and estuary. Further along the path you will come out at the Aberdovey Hillside village, turn right and follow the marked footpath up several steps on to the hillside.

Follow the path up the hillside between the gorse bushes and out to a large opening which again has great views over the village.  Continuing up the path, you will reach a gravel road; turn left onto a metalled road and back down to a crossroad.  Turn left at the crossroad and continue down into the centre of the village.
Posted: 15:51:30 - 15/01/2011

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