Dolgoch Falls

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Dolgoch has some very pretty waterfalls
Starting place: Dolgoch Hotel Starting ref: See Map Distance: 1 miles Grade: Easy Walk time : 1 - hour
Dolgoch has some very pretty waterfalls, a walk through the trees to the higher levels of the falls, end with tea and Bara Brith at the Dolgoch Falls Hotel. The path is clear with information posts and maps.

The highest fall is by the junction with the path up to the station and the path to the higher falls. These falls are quite spectacular after heavy rain. No photograph can really do it justice.
There are maps at regular intervals. Paths are clearly marked, and points of interest marked with information posts with poems from primary children from the local Bryncrug School. There are a number of interestingly constructed foot bridges, and viewing spots and picnic tables en-route
The Tal-y-Llyn railway from Tywyn to Abergynolwyn passes over the path to the falls. The signs to the station are well marked from the path to the falls

Passengers who arrive by train walk down the path to the main falls, where they can also pick up the walk.

Not far from here are the main falls (shown on the previous page) and the left turn to the main path up to higher reaches of the network of falls.

The paths are occasionally steep with rough rock steps, but not for long distances.
Expect the path to be a bit muddy in places especially after wet weather – but this is also when the falls will be at their best.

There are a number of caves with shallow water. These are not barred off but are very dark. A number of publications give strong warnings not to enter.

Children can manage the paths, but they need to be kept nearby as there are some steep slopes just off the path. The walk is not suitable for buggies, but fit adults could manage young children in a back carrier!
Points of interest marked with information posts with poems from primary children from the local Bryncrug School. A number of interesting bridges as the paths criss-cross the stream.
The top of the route, with the river that flows down the hillside forming the various falls.
From here the path descends on the opposite side of the valley, crossing the bridge over the stream near the viaduct.

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