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Aberdovey/Aberdyfi is a charming little seaside resort that inspires affection.
The village of Aberdovey / Aberdyfi is a popular spot but only with those in the know.  Aberdovey’s fans never shout too loudly about it, preferring to keep the village to themselves.
It’s not difficult to understand why they’re so protective.  All the classic ingredients of a small, unhurried seaside village are here with family-friendly sands, picturesque stone harbour and jetty, yachts bobbing in the water, seafront pubs and bay-windowed houses washed in pastel shades.
But it is the extras – or in some cases the lack of them that are the making of Aberdovey.  The village’s simplicity is its main draw.  There are shops selling bucket and spades, clothes, arts and crafts and delicious homemade ice cream, but that’s about it.
Then you must add the location.  The seafront squeezes on to a narrow shelf of land between beach and mountain. Some of Wales’s greenest hillside spill down onto the rooftops, while around the corner there is the stunning Dovey estuary, a delicious blend of woodland, dune and golden sand backed by the wild Cambrian Mountains.
Aberdovey is stuck in a genteel time warp. It is a place of simple pleasures, served up with understated charm. You will find that life in the village ticks along quite nicely all year.
Summer brings the visitor looking for a relaxing family seaside holiday.  Out of season you will find an entirely different village, with deserted beaches and mountains where you can walk for miles without seeing another person.
Regular Aberdovey visitors also know its secrets. Thrill seekers find one of the best wind and kite surfing locations in Britain.  The mountains surrounding Aberdovey have vast open walking spaces, some of the best mountain bike routes in the UK and challenging climbing on the nearby Cader Idris mountain range.

Hopefully one day you will discover the discreet charms of Aberdovey, Wales’ best-kept secret

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